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Arctic – 80 Degrees North

Cruising to the largest islands of the Far North, feel your spirit set free, floating with the ice floes of Spitsbergen. Experience the thrill of making zodiac landings on the Arctic shores, where the Great Bears and the huge bird cliffs are waiting to welcome you.

The Polar Bear Alley

Immerse yourself in the annual polar bear migration of Hudson Bay, where polar bears wait for the bay to freeze. Photograph one of the world’s most magnificent predator.

The Fast and Fine life

The purring of engines. The whiff of leather. The glory of luxury. There never will be a finer of way of celebrating the pinnacle of human achievement. Welcome to life in the superfast lane.

portugal cycle tour with the q experiences

Ciclo your way to Portugal

Slow down. Take one breath at a time. Experience the relaxed pace of living a bountiful life, journeying on the pedal of a bike or by the window of a tram. In the abundance of the oldest wines and the most scrumptious pastries, we invite you to listen to the wafting notes of the fado, while our wellness ambassador Milind Soman invites you to see Portugal in a way you have never seen.

crusing antarctica

Cruising Antarctica responsibly

Having a vision of encompassing a complete experience without endangering the environment, We begin to turn a dangerous dream into reality, of cutting through the ice to take travelers to both the southern and northern ends of the world. Here you’re not only at the edge of the world but also at the edge of the seat, going back in time, living a few enchanting frames of the Ice Age.

Vasim Sheikh Founder of The Q Experiences

Interview with Vasim Shaikh

Having travelled more than 50 countries across all seven continents, his favourite destinations include the likes of the not so common regions like Antarctica, Morocco, Iceland, Namibia, Uganda & Rwanda, the Amazon in Brazil, Argentina, Canadian, Arctic!

Breathing in Leisure

Baby Boomers are staycationing away their leisure time. And here’s how.

Let’s admit it. We’ve probably spent a greater part of our life fantasizing about places beyond our time zones. But haven’t we also loved staying in? Lying down with a book on our face through the morning followed by a long drive to the end of the town; just to stargaze by the beach and enjoy the hot buttered corn on the cob on the cool sand.

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