An expedition for the perfect meal

What do you think of when you hear of a European culinary experience? You probably think of dainty restaurants in Italy or of sweeping Parisian boulevards. But there’s a new contender on the block, grabbing headlines everywhere. A land known for its stern efficiency that is turning out to be a creative force to reckon with – Germany.

It won’t be an over-statement to claim that when it comes to food, the Black Forest is the most happening place in the world today. Traditional flavours collide and combine with radical techniques and a post-modern flair to create an eating experience like no other.

And we don’t mean blips on the radar and passing fads. We’re talking about the best kept secret in the culinary world. An experience where you get to explore the best of Germany, solely with the intention of eating some of the best food in the world today.

Where you can enjoy elaborate and unparalleled five course dinners every night, for a week. And experience not two, not three but twelve Michelin Stars in one beautiful part of the world. Welcome to the epicurean’s ultimate fantasy.

If the setting seems surprising, we won’t blame you. These aren’t your usual hyped up places. The restaurant Schwartzwaldstube, in the charming little town of Baiersbronn, has only eleven tables.
Bareiss has just eight. And they have three Michelin Stars each. These might be the best restaurants in the world that you haven’t heard of and you’ll get the chance to indulge at both these places. With delectable Mediterranean improvisations at the Schlossberg, added for good measure.

The journey really picks up in Munich and its breath-taking architectural backdrop is a running theme. If you happen to be here anytime around Christmas, you’re in for an extra special treat as the decked up markets lend their own special flavour to the streets. But enough about the dressings.
Let’s get back to our mains.

Housed atop the famed Olympic Tower is the equally famed revolving Restaurant 181. Let their Michelin hatted chef, take over. Have your sense blown away with his experimental German cuisine. And if French cuisine done the old way is your thing, the next stop of Les Deux is meant for you.

On the picturesque train ride to Stuttgart, you should be praying hard that you aren’t completely stuffed and satisfied for the year yet. Because the quest is only half way through. As magical Stuttgart unfolds in front of your eyes, you’re instantly transported to a different world. You better hope that this works up your appetite because a signature five-course feast at Restaurant
Speisemeisterei is waiting for you. It won’t take more than one course to know why the hype, though.

If there’s one thing that a satiated soul deserves, it’s a comfortable bed to end the day on. Again, Germany outdoes itself in this department. The handpicked five-star boutiques along this journey ensure that the aura created by the chefs, doesn’t dim even marginally at night.

Guten Appetit!

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