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Antarctica was simply magical. Hard to pick one out, there were so many. I guess the first penguin just a few feet away and totally unconcerned was really special. To sit and watch them go their way was wonderful. Penguins are by no means the only stars of the show here. It was equally thrilling to see a wandering albatross circling above our ship, dipping its great wings into the rolling waters of the Drake Passage. Or fat seals lolling on the iceberg snorting and bellowing at each other like elderly members of a gentlemen’s club or walking 2 KM to see the Leopard Seal having a siesta. 
Most exciting of all, though, were the whales. As the call went up from the bridge – we spotted them leaping from the water beside the ship and once again during the Zodiac cruise , their magnificent tails emerging and dipping as if in slow motion. 
No words that I can write nor pictures that I can show will ever capture the magic, the feeling and the mood of Antarctica. A journey to Antarctica is about as other-worldly a travel experience as you can have, short of a flight to the Moon. Afterwards you’ll never look at the natural world in quite the same way again. 
You simply have to go there for that. It was beyond compare utterly beautiful in every way. Thank you Q team for curating this magic holiday.

Gomathi Panchapagesan/London

White continent is a dreamland to be, and I wonder if this would have been possible without The Q experiences. The team has taken care of complete onboarding until we got back in a professional manner. From visa to flight booking from Buenos Aires, everything was taken care by The Q experiences, and all we had to do is sit back and enjoy the serene nature of the alien land. 

The cruise was packed with tons of events and it never felt like a dull moment (Even for a second). Every day we woke up with a new itinerary and slept with a day well spent. 

Keep doing the amazing work and let many more families enjoy the beauty of the world.

Harsh Agrawal/New Delhi

We returned this past weekend from our trip and wanted to let you know that you and your team had organised our travels in South America and the Antartica cruise very well. We were very happy with the hotel choices and the services offered. 

And, the Antarctica cruise was awesome. We were extremely lucky that we had good weather for most of the time. The cruise line choice was excellent. To top it all, Atul as our special chef was the icing on the cake. He did a fantastic job of serving us a diverse Indian menu during our 10 day stay on the ship. One has to understand that it is not easy to work in someone else’s kitchen and with limited ingredients. 

The team went out of the way to make the group comfortable.

Rita Duggal/New Delhi

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