Our Approach

At Q, our first and foremost endeavour is to understand the traveller in you. Only when we completely understand your idea of travel, we start weaving your personalised travel story.


Our experience designers are there for you at every step – from the time you envision your journey till you are back home safely with the unique souvenirs of your journey.

It starts with you

Everything at Q starts with you. The first part of designing any journey is to get to know you really well through various conversations. We not only ask you about your travel preferences, interests and inspirations, but also about your ultimate travel fantasies. If you can imagine the experience, we can craft it for you.

Designing your story

At this stage, we leverage our in-depth knowledge gathered over many years, our exclusive access to some of the most unique experiences at a place, and our relationships with the locals. We make optimum use of our own personal travel experiences, handpicking only the most interesting elements for you. The idea is to design your story in the most unique and invigorating way as possible.

Executing it to perfection

Even after designing the most perfect journey for you, our job is only half done. Our experience designers relentlessly work behind-the-scenes to make sure you are having the very best of time throughout your trip. We always walk a step ahead of you to anticipate all your needs. We make sure we have a local team member at every place you visit, to facilitate maximum comfort. All you need to do is indulge in an enriching journey crafted especially for you.

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