There are stories out there, waiting for you to come discover them. Palaces that have stood a thousand years and rivers that have run for a thousand more, all waiting to be a part of your story. Come on board with The Q. We’ll write you a magnum opus.

Curated Journeys

While the world is your oyster, we handpick the very best of what this oyster has to offer. Our trip designers carefully handcraft exceptional journeys for you based on your needs, to give you an experience that you simply cannot forget.


Here’s a little taste of what the world has to offer, according to us. We’ve handpicked the most breathtaking experiences and condensed them into bite-sized stories that’ll give you a little peek into what’s in store. If anything catches your eye, we’ll be happy to tell you more.

The Q Romance

She’s Chalk.

He’s Cheese.

We’ll Put Together Something That Suits Them Both. Romantic relationships might involve compromise. Romantic getaways definitely shouldn’t.

The Q Approach

At The Q, our expertise, experience, relationships with the locals, and most importantly, your travel needs and dreams congregate to become your one-of- its-kind travel story.

Our Journey to
The White Continent

Traveller Talks

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Mr. & Mrs. Khanna, Mumbai
Mr. & Mrs. Khanna, Mumbai
Mr. Sridhar Sivaram, Mumbai
Mr. Sridhar Sivaram, Mumbai
Mr. Vikram Raman & Mrs. Golda Ponraj,Bangalore
Mr. Vikram Raman & Mrs. Golda Ponraj,Bangalore
Arun & Rita Duggal, Delhi
Arun & Rita Duggal, Delhi

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