Here’s a little taste of what the world has to offer, according to us. We’ve handpicked the most breathtaking experiences and condensed them into bite-sized stories that’ll give you a little peek into what’s in store. If anything catches your eye, we’ll be happy to tell you more.

Portugal on your own steam

The sun shines down on the Algarve coast of Portugal, drawing the tourists onto the beach. In the nights, glittering parties light up the sky. Further inland, on the ramparts of a castle high in the mountains, a group of people sip wine and take in the view. This is the other side of Portugal- […]

Country in a wine glass

On a little stone terrace overlooking a sun-drenched vineyard in the Alentejo, a small group of travelers sit and wait patiently. Behind them, the oaks march in an orderly fashion across the skyline, each trunk painted with a white Arabic numeral. A slight clearing of the throat makes them turn away from the gorgeous view […]

Alaska from the air

Deep in the Alaskan wilderness, miles from the nearest paved road, a tiny aeroplane swoops down to land gracefully by the river. A cheerful old man climbs out, dressed in shorts and slippers, almost as if he’s run down to the store for bread. This is Paul Claus, bush-pilot extraordinaire and the owner of the […]

Where nothing ever settles

In the vast and unending expanse that is Mongolia, the only constant is the landscape. Even people don’t stand a chance. No wonder then, that Mongolia is home to a significant population of nomads, to this day. The Ikh Nart Nature Reserve is the jewel of the famed Gobi desert. It is home to awe […]

Capturing the Arctic

You’re waiting. Everything around you is a pristine shade of white. Everything is quiet, except for the sound of the breeze and waves hitting the ice. Civilization might be a galaxy away, for all you know. It’s almost time for sunset and you’re still waiting. And then you see her. A mother polar bear with […]