The North Rallies (and so should you!)

The Starks are on the rise as they all return to Winterfell, real life Ireland – perhaps the best time to don armor and join their homecoming in true Game of Thrones style. Wouldn’t it be an absolute delight to visit this magical land as Jon Snow reclaims the Stark throne? Living amidst scenic views of ‘Northern Westeros’ and ever so friendly locals, Ireland definitely makes you feel like you belong, giving you a taste of the prestigious House. It’s your turn to buckle up and experience amazing landscapes and the soul of the island!

The gardens of Castle Ward

Castle Ward known as Winterfell, the home of Starks is an eccentric 18th-century mansion resting on a rolling hillside, overlooking the tranquil waters of Strangford Lough in County Down. The day begins with archery where you can hone your skills just like Arya in the courtyard. Watchful of your point – you are standing on the very spot where Robb and Jon had trained their little brother to work the mighty bow and arrow. Luckily for you, we’ve got an archery expert on board to give you tit bits on improving your game.


Feast in the Great Hall

At Castle Ward, as a part of the welcoming feast, a medieval banquet is arranged where the castle Maester welcomes you and your comrades at the north entryway and escorts you to the armory of Castle Ward. Here, you will be dressed like royalty before you get seated to enjoy the truly unique and authentic culinary experience. This also includes soul-stirring live music, re-enactments of the show and plenty of time for happy banter.


Afternoon tea

Castle Ward

Ballygally Castle Hotel will play host to your indulgences, treating you to customized Jon Snow Cakes, Baratheon Bread, mini Dragon eggs and several cups of fine tea! You can also catch the beauty of Cairn Castle, Cushendun Caves, Slemish Mountain and the village of Glenarm just a few miles away.


Meeting the Direwolves

Tollymore Forest, Hermitage

“There are five pups, one for each of the Stark children”, said Jon Snow to Ned Stark – and now it’s your chance to finally get to meet the gorgeous beasts. Castle Ward is their home, and since you’d be part of the Stark clan, they’d absolutely adore you.


All that glitters is royal gold

Take the next stop to Steensons, where the resident goldsmiths are the master craftsmen behind the crowns of the kings and queens of Westros. Margaery Tyrel’s wedding tiara and Joffrey’s crown were, too, crafted by these prized men.


The Haunted Forest

Entrance to Tollymore Forest

Think you’re brave enough to spend a night in the home of fierce Wildlings and White Walkers? Yes? Then you may as well do it in style in snug glamping pods in Tollymore Forest Park. It has numerous stone follies, bridges and magnificent Cork Oak trees – the perfect setting to go kayaking, off-road mountain biking, and exploring bridges and caves that surround you. Expect all the spook in luxury, so keep your eyes open, you never know who is watching.

Tollymore Forest

And plenty more…

You can hit Strangford Lough and soak up the coastal wonders of Westeros, from Winterfell Castle to The Twins and Robb Stark’s Camp. You can even walk the bridge of Shane’s Castle located near Randalstown – the exact spot that witnessed the famous sword fight between Brienne of Tarth and The King Slayer!

Ballintoy harbor

The Sea Safari is another great way to venture around Northern Ireland, taking in Ballintoy Harbour, Murlough Bay, and many rare sightings. As you travel around the coastline, you will be given sufficient time to halt and photograph the cliffs that were filmed as backdrops in the series.

Murlough Bay in the evening

The adventure also includes Pyke Island – home of the Greyjoys, known as the Iron Islands; and a visit to Ballintoy Harbour, where Theon rededicated his faith to the ‘Drowned God’ and Ser Davos joined forces with Salladhor Saan for the Battle of Blackwater Bay.

Are you ready to experience the very set of the greatest show ever made?


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