110km south of Arviat is one of the most southerly and easily accessible Inuit communities in Nunavut, Canada’s newest territory. Arviat is located on the western shores of Hudson Bay, approximately 200km north of Churchill, Manitoba.

This is the larger region of the Canadian Arctic where our polar bear cabins are set up, along the migration route of the Polar Bears.

Fly to the Canadian Arctic by private charter on a short 50 minute flight along the west coast of Hudson Bay river from Churchill, Manitoba.

Rustic, remote and accessible by air, our Polar Bear Cabins rest on the shores of western Hudson Bay.

These simple, polar bear-proof buildings surrounded by an electric fence, offer a comfortable and safe home in the heart of the polar bear country.

The Expedition Leaders and Inuit guides are highly trained and experienced in polar bear safety. Follow the instructions of your Expedition Team at all times.

The complex consists of three guest cabins and a central dining/lounge kitchen cabin. Allowing for a maximum of eight guests, the Polar Bear Cabins create a private and intimate polar bear viewing experience.

Kids of 12 years of age or above, with a related adult accompaniment, are permitted to take to the Polar Bear Alley.

Each guest cabin has an entryway for storing camera gear and tripods and a main room having two beds, a small laptop computer table and adequate space for the rest of your gear and clothing.

The cabins come complete with linens, duvet comforter and pillows and are kept warm and comfortable with propane heating that is controlled by individual thermostats.

 Each cabin has an en-suite washroom which includes a waterless toilet and hot / cold running water for the shower. All toiletries such as soap, shampoo and hand cream are provided. Each guest will be provided with a mid-sized quick-dry towel and face cloth.

Weather along the west coast of Hudson Bay in October and November can be variable. Expect to experience temperatures ranging from 0 to -25°C. Sunny days are possible but conditions can be windy and snowy. On particularly cold days, we usually do not venture far from the cabin complex, so you’re never far away from warming up quickly.

Throughout October and November the daylight hours are declining. You can expect nine to seven hours of sunshine. In October, the sun rises at approximately 8:00AM and sets at 5:40PM.

On clear nights, there will be an excellent chance of observing northern lights from the cabins at this time of the year.

We know that no amazing Arctic experience is complete without delicious food. Enjoy meals, snacks and desserts prepared by the chef in the central dining and lounge cabin. This is a great place to relax, share pictures and reflect on your day with your guides and fellow adventurers.

Our experienced guides are trained in advanced wilderness first aid and carry a standard first aid kit. We travel to remote areas of the world often, where medical care is unavailable or limited.

In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, it may take hours or days to organize a medical evacuation.

It is essential that people with any medical problems and related dietary restrictions inform us well before taking part in our curated journeys. Each traveller should bring their own personal first aid kit to deal with everyday ailments such as headaches, motion sickness, blisters, sore throats, etc.

Anyone taking prescription medication should bring an additional two week supply for emergency purpose.

Our Winter Polar Clothing Package includes:

1. Canada Goose Expedition Parka

2. Canada Goose down-filled snow pants

3. Winter boots

4. Windproof hat

5. Balaclava

6. Base gloves

7. Windproof gloves

8. Waterproof insulated mitts

9. Duffle bag

10. Shipping to/from your gateway hotel

There is no access to internet or Wi-Fi at camp. Wi-Fi may be available at some hotels at the beginning and end of your trip but is not guaranteed. It is best to plan ahead in the manner that you do not require access to the internet once you have begun your journey.

Communication at our trip locations is done by our Expedition Leaders using Iridium satellite phones and In Reach satellite communicators for text messaging. These tools can be made available to you in the event of an emergency but not for casual communication. If you want to stay in contact with your family and friends during the trip, satellite phones are available for rent.

This journey will be a fantastic opportunity for people to disconnect from the world while knowing there is an option of using the satellite phone in case you need to remain connected or if any emergency comes up.

There is no “open” bar.  Wine is served with dinner and is also brought to the camp. 

The reason for this is that the cabins are in the Territory of Nunavut in Canada and it is an Inuit (Aboriginal) territory.

We are permitted to use their land and we have Inuit people as guides who will be at the cabins with us. Alcohol is not permitted by the Inuit people. So, to respect their culture while being on their lands, we prefer to restrict the consumption of alcohol. At the same time we also understand our guests wish to enjoy alcohol so we offer wine with dinner.

Smoking is not permitted in the cabins, however guests can occasionally smoke outside.

Despite the remoteness of the cabins you will be able to conveniently charge your electronics in your cabin. Each cabin is equipped with standard North American plug outlets. In addition, a power bar is provided to ensure you can charge all your devices.

Electrical power (120VAC/60Hz) will be supplied by a portable gas generator, which is designed to use with sensitive electronics.

Reminder: If your electronics do not have a North American standard plug, please make arrangements to bring the proper plug adapter. If it states an input of 100-240 V then no further inverter and/or adaptor is needed.

When travelling with The Q, your Expedition Leader will assist with changes in your travel plans due to weather delays.

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