The Ethereal

Romance of

the Nordic



7 Nights – 8 Days

In the haven of Father Christmas, there is not one desire that will not see the light or rather the frost of the day!
Witness your own love story come to life in the brilliant azure skies of a snowscape studded with the lights from Christmas chalets. Let us take you into the snowy dreamland of the Finnish countryside where you can snowmobile or sleigh into the icy wilderness outside, while wrapped in a blanket of shifting lights.

The Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis is a confluence of magnificent colours just like you both. We’ll awaken your senses to the breathtaking sight in good time, by the soft tinkling of the Aurora alarm. You won’t miss the lights of the Lapland even when you are comfortably ensconced in the warmth of one of the chalets, with a warm mug of the best Nordic hot chocolate in hand!

When the snow falls, time stands still, and you can hear the throbbing of your own heartbeat. Lying down together on the plush silken Marimeko fabric, a speciality of the Nordic land, you can’t even hear the snow falling softly on the pine leaves outside. Stargazing into the horizon from an ice roofed igloo, in snow-drop silence, your senses will be intensified enough for a lifetime of love, taking you beyond the three nights in the Laplands of love.


A snowmobile ride
will take you to the
Arctic Circle at
Santa Claus
Village, where you
can visit various
hand craft shops
and even the official
post office of
Santa Claus!


Using the shed
reindeer horns that
can be found in the
Lapland wilderness,
learn how to craft
your own unique
horn souvenir to
take home
with you.

34-meters-deluxe-suite-icehotel-asaf-kliger-1400x932 (1)

The warm fire of

your Christmas

wooden chalet

awaits. Welcome to

the land of Santa

Claus and live a


fairy tale.


Drive out in the

darkness, away from

the light pollution

and the city noises to


the Northern Lights

in the best way



Slide through the

snow and into the

wilderness, as your

husky sledge

takes off.

art-suite-teckara-icehotel-365-1-1400x933 (1)

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