in Mysticity

Peru & Bolivia

11 Nights – 12 Days

The cleansing ritual fills the reverberating hearts with the mystic aromas of scented oils and flowers. A tinkaska, a toast of love,

is raised to the consort. The man and wife speak those magic words together, the vows of a spiritual union binding them.

The shaman calls upon the blessings of the Incan gods to strengthen your bond of love.


One of the beautiful things about the Andes is the spiritual essence that is still alive today, and can be experienced still now in

the indigenous way, when you make the journey to Peru and Bolivia. With this ceremony of Vow Renewal, we bring that ancient

mysticism and spirituality to you. Follow the trail to the Incan citadel. Hike to the ancient Peruvian and Bolivian wonders of the

world. Let the salt flats of Uyuni make you gape in awe at the beauty of barrenness. Explore one of the oldest paradise of

South America, ensconced in a timeless luxury.


The best time to visit Peru and Bolivia is during November to February. However, if you wish to trek the Inca Trail to Machu

Picchu then consider travelling between May – September. An elaborate story has been written down for you to be

the protagonist of for 12 days and 11 nights.


Walk and cycle

through the hilly

streets of Cusco on

a mountain bike or

explore the red

river in Cusco.


Relive your wedding

vows with the

blessings of the

Incan gods at the

Andean Vow

Renewal ceremony

performed by an

authentic shaman.


At Uyuni,visit the

foothills of Thunupa

Volcano where you

can see the

Coquesa Mummies

of the lost city of



Drive through the

incredibly barren

Salt Flats.


Set foot on the



Airport, El Alto.


Explore the street

markets of La Paz,

rich in handicrafts

and even with craft.

To the south, take a

ride to the Valley of

the Moon.


Dine in Gustu La

Paz, Latin America’s

50 Best Restaurant



Your journey begins

with a complete

historic city tour at

Lima, the capital of

Peru, ending with a

delectable dinner at

one of the best

restaurants in town,



Take to the ancient

trail of the Sacred



Enjoy the luxury of

having the Hiram

Bingham Train

reservation, which

will take you to the

Valley to

Machu Picchu

and back to Cusco.


Explore the ruins of

the Incan citadel at

Machu Picchu, a



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