Amazon – The Unconquered

The Pacaya – Samiria National Reserve is nature’s most elaborate way of suggesting that civilization is overrated. It is a 5 million acre rain forest reserve in Peru that happens to be one of the richest in the world in terms of biodiversity. Did we mention that it is accessible only by air or water?

A two week voyage in these waters is the single greatest lesson in flora and fauna that you can ever hope to receive. Where else are you going to fish for piranhas or spot pink dolphins or watch an anaconda slither by? No other place in the world can boast of a lake full of giant lily pads or over 500 species of birds. Visit hitherto unexplored destinations on small skiffs and get to know the indigenous tribes that live along the river.

And while civilization might be overrated, it certainly has its advantages. Like a luxury boat with polished wooden interiors and delectable meals that you can retire to every night or admire the view from, every day. There’s nothing better than unwinding on the deck of your boat somewhere down the Peruvian Amazon with a drink in your hand, as you listen to the soothing cacophony of an untamed rainforest.

Welcome on-board.

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