Where nothing ever settles

In the vast and unending expanse that is Mongolia, the only constant is the landscape. Even people don’t stand a chance. No wonder then, that Mongolia is home to a significant population of nomads, to this day.

The Ikh Nart Nature Reserve is the jewel of the famed Gobi desert. It is home to awe inspiring sights, rock formations that tower over the surroundings and gushing springs of water. It is also the home of the majestic Argali sheep. They hold the distinction for being the world’s largest wild sheep, complete with magnificent horns. If you’re lucky, you might even get a glimpse of the Siberian Ibex. But the most rewarding experience of being here by is living the way the nomads do, while hiking through the day across the most rewarding trail you can imagine. It will give you a close glimpse and a special appreciation for an ancient way of life that is fast disappearing

Another treasure that’s a part of this ever-moving feast is the Jalman Meadow. Located along the banks of the gentle Upper Tuul River, this meadow covers stretches and stretches of wildflowers swaying in the wind and larch and birch forests. However, if you thought that this area is known only for its natural beauty, think again. You might even stumble upon Burkhan Khaldun while on your explorations. This is considered to be the most sacred mountain in Mongolia, sharing a connection with might Genghis Khan himself.

Which then, leaves only one question to be answered.

How will you lose yourself here?

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