The Q – Exploring the Unknown

Say goodbye to civilisation for the next few days as an adventure of a lifetime is about to begin. Your journey starts at the port of Ushuaia where some of the finest wine and steak await you.

As you sail away from Ushuaia, you know that the coming 11 days, you can only imagine the adventures you’re about to embark on. The first real experience at sea is making the two-day journey through Drake Passage where the Great Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans meet. It’s only the start of your experience in The White Continent!

The sound of wind blowing in your face accompanied by the sound of water hitting against icebergs, a view of nothing but the vast expanse of snow covered land, and towering mountains – you have finally arrived in Antarctica, the southernmost continent of the world.

At Neko Bay, which is the beginning of the South Pole, you land in Antarctica – setting foot on a land where great adventurers have stepped. As icebergs and glaciers loom over you, with nothing but the sound of the oceans broken by the occasional call of penguins, you know you have finally reached Antarctica. Although most of Antarctica remains uninhabitable, Port Charcot and Port Lackroy are proof that humans are indeed determined to leave their mark on the world.

You may be far away from any known city, however, that does not mean you have to rough it through your Antarctic voyage. You can see all this while sailing on a boat with all the luxuries of modern life – from exquisitely designed rooms to the finest gourmet cuisine curated by world renowned chefs.

So step on board and come with us to explore The White Continent. Get your passport stamped and take it back as a souvenir of this extraordinary trip. Need we say more?

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