Celebrate New Year in Antarctica With Imtiaz Ali

This December 2019 we, at The Q Experiences, are cruising passionate, luxury loving globetrotters and distinguished personalities to the end of the world to celebrate New Year with the penguins…and the surprise that this year’s journey to the White Continent holds is that Imtiaz Ali is also joining us on board!
For centuries, the frozen wilderness of the South Pole has fascinated us and we questioned to ourselves, how is one’s travelogue complete without setting foot on the 7th continent of the world?

The Antarctic is not just a remote wilderness, it is a continent in itself, a vast stretch of The Great whites. Our voyage will set off from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, take you across the temperamental Drake passage and into the land of ice. You will sail among snow covered peaks and glaciers, watch leopard seals on a hunt, witness chinstrap penguins at play and listen to the call of the great humpback whales.


Take a deep breath, and let us begin our journey to Antarctica, one of the several curated journeys we have been taking to the most exotic paradises in the world, being the pioneers in luxury travel.

When the Midnight Sun shines over the 7th continent, it is a sight to see. The temperature comfortably hovers around zero degrees and it is a surreal summer to spend in ice…this time with the Indian film director, producer, and writer Imtiaz Ali himself! On board a life changing experience with this unique and creative personality, let Antarctica reveal itself in all its mystical hues. The genius of a storyteller  has a plethora of work behind him inspired from travel, set in remote valleys and hills of India or even hidden gems like Corsica, Verona and Prague. As Imtiaz Ali will document the journey on board you might also be a part of a historical journey and a work of art. 

With the award winning luxury travel organization The Q Experiences, at the helm of your travel experiences, you can expect this and much beyond, where imagination itself is yet to reach. Even at the remotest corner of the world, your taste buds will be delighted by culinary comforts that will make you feel at home. Specially to suit the contemporary traveller, dietary preferences on board are being taken care of by none other than two time Michelin Star Chef Vineet Bhatia and one of the best international Michelin Star chefs of all time, Alain Ducasse.

This journey to the Antarctic is one of a kind, allowing the traveller to experience daily zodiac landings ashore all through the fourteen days of the journey, from 26th December to 8th January.

These expeditions on shore are expert led with naturalists and polar experts on board to guide us through the journey.

To plan a unique handcrafted journey to the Antarctic with Imtiaz Ali on board, visit –


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