Going Solo, Around the Globe

Trekking miles of green valleys and mountains just to soak in the perfect sunset from the summit, a traveller awakes to a different self when he overcomes all obstacles of a larger than life adventure and seizes the day.

A traveller who does not seek for a companion to travel the world is a solo traveller. To him, the world is only the companion that he seeks to witness its wonders. For the solo traveller, with his concentration being completely invested in travel, travelling is a way of life and not just a vacation. It is a way of discovering the world and self in utmost bliss. One learns so much on the path, exploring parts of the globe others haven’t dreamt of. When a traveller starts adapting to new cultures, customs and cuisines, perspectives of the mind broaden and when one does it solo, it is a very deep reflection as the mind is interacting solely with the world outside and there is no other objective of socializing or even adjusting the itinerary, keeping in mind the travel companion(s).

From a person contemplating over a daily routine and musing in the solitary walks of life, the solo traveller evolves into someone who is more aware and confident of the ways of the world.

A major travel trend garnering continuous force all across the world, is the rise in solo travel, particularly among women and the Gen Z. A survey of US women undertaken in 2018 identified that 73% of women felt travel makes them stronger.


Travel and tourism is now recognizing the category of solo travellers and likewise, designing tailormade trips for them. Mostly, there is a concern for safety, security and single supplement charges, particularly for the room they are staying at which they might prefer sharing. Solo friendly group tours are thus coming up, where solo travellers are ‘going it alone’ without worrying over such matters. Solo travellers are infact more akin to take the assistance of a company to design their journey because they like exclusive experiences that are planned. Particularly, if it is a remote luxury, a curated group journey is more agreeable as there is medical attention on board and guided excursions, with all arrangements being made by the company. Also, sharing one’s experience with a few unfamiliar faces can be the most liberating experience, as you make friends on the journey, having perhaps shared the same tent or boat. There is no better way of getting to know people than when one travels with them as you live life beyond routine.

Contrary to belief it is not just the backpackers who are at it! Reports on travel trends specify that 30% of luxury loving travellers are looking to travel alone and there is a whooping rise in the request for helipads in the last year. 32% of travellers want to stay in private islands and beaches and they would do it only to soak in the travel experience.

While Gen Z (18-24) year olds are the ones inclined to travel solo, a 2018 study reveals that in 2017 40% of Baby Boomers have also not shied away to hit the road by themselves.
Travellers doing it solo claim that the experience is peaceful and rejuvenating as the sole motivation is the place and the adventures it has to offer. Perhaps it is because travellers going solo like taking in the calm more often than not that a bulk of the solo bookings are off-season- May, October and November. The solo traveller is seldom the tourist who would want to be part of the carnival, he is more likely to be the experiential traveller who is part of the native.

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