The New Way of Seeing The World Through Experiential Luxury Travel

Experiential travel is the new way of life for the young contemporary traveller as it allows for an authentic experience of the roots of a place, taking in the aroma, the sights and the sounds in its entirety. Globetrotters around the world are waking up to the realization of a complete and meaningful perception of travel. A remote wilderness is what is being sought for, engaging up close
with the wildlife and culture of the place.


Luxury cruises make way for experiential travel. It is a way of meeting the seas and the lands while being ensconced in the best of comforts. It is thus a trend that is catching up. The concept of luxury and wellness meeting authenticity of nature and culture, is a passion in the making for the new age traveller who is interested in exploring ice caves and remote ice capped ports in Iceland, Mayan architecture of Mexico, the underwater resort of Tanzania or the fine wineries of Portugal.


There is a difference between being a tourist with a bucket list and an experiential traveller, someone who is passionate about exploring a hidden gem. The difference lies in the sense of achievement that the traveller feels after accomplishing a feat. To him, the journey matters much more than the destination and he is willing to go past obstacles to taste a slice of the unknown.


The experiential traveller might visit unfamiliar lands only because the oldest wine flows in the cellar of the oldest tavern in the world. The tavern might be in the middle of nowhere or at the end of the world. Yet the traveller makes a spontaneous plan to take on to the roads to experience an adventure never had before!

Experential Travel Experience

Here goes the story of the adventure loving millennial, people who love to combine luxury with adventure.


Do you feel the pulsating heartbeat, the tension of the nerves and the adrenalin that is rushing when jumping into the unfamiliar, the undiscovered or the path that is less taken? Along with it you may also feel a sense of calm as you’re on a journey to discover an aspect of the world or your own self which is yet to see the light of the day. It can be a plunge into the deepest gorge against the steepest edge of the world, it might be a metaphorical leap into the religious cult of a temple you are visiting for the first time and yet again it might also be a relaxed time spent at the edge of the cliff, with a book and a coffee.


Anyone looking to gather a new experience and open up new vistas is an experiential, adventure-seeking traveller.


Though the millennial is digitally tech savvy, adventure is not just a buzzword or an Instagram hashtag, it is a lot more! It is not just about climbing steep hills, it is also about pushing yourself to achieve things you never have. It might be the experience of tasting a cuisine you never have tried before or a travelling dance workshop you pushed yourself to join.

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The traveller might be a collector of old relics and he might be on a curio hunt in a tiny hill village. A traveller may also be one who is a photographer, one who wants to capture landscapes never seen before.


The Gen Z’s and the millennials are looking for exciting and transformational experiences while they travel. Even if it’s a short sojourn, the experience is everything. The spurt in adventure travel is a testimony to the rise of interest in cruise journeys. The youth believes in seizing the moment and hence it leads to a lot many getaways in a year than expected. Work does take up a lot of the contemporary adventurer’s time but he is also known to extend his business trips to holiday stays, lapping up vast looming terrains that are unfamiliar and might even be unwelcome.


The adventure enthusiastic millennials are the ones ardently keen on gathering personalized experiences rather than existing products and services. They love a complete wholesome experience. The traveller in the millennial wants to go on a self-introspective journey, to find out more about the world and hence in the process, the self

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Adventures are about growing through culturally rich experiences and unravelling the unknown.
Travel is the key to unleash such unique, authentic experiences. If you are a true adventurer at heart
you won’t mind braving the fierce winters and walking up to the farthest end of the world to watch
the shifting Nordic lights. You won’t mind diving into the deepest corners of the sea to explore
marine life, up close and personal. If your heart seeks the adrenalin rush you won’t mind taking an
hour long trek on a dangerous volcanic mountain slope. You would rather love bunking in a warm
and cosy but humble wooden cottage by the hillside, soaking in the hues of the simple local culture,
be it in the rustic or the urban setting.


The coming of age traveller look at travel as a way of life, as a way of being. It is absolutely
indispensable to developing not just their travelogues but also their personal narratives. The motto
they live by is,

“If it excites you and scares you at the same time, then probably you should do it.”

With the changing times, travellers are willing to indulge, to cruise to unheard of destinations like
the Antarctic and Arctic. Unconventional experiences are not to be missed; the more the unknown
and exotic, the greater is the interest. The rising trend in authentic experiential travel among the
younger generations is here to stay, with organizations embodying the interests of travel

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