Top Luxury Travel Trends in 2020

What are the travel trends in the year ahead that will determine the luxury travel market? 2020’s big trends are distinctly purpose oriented, green minded, highlight experiential travel in exotic and hidden destinations and reveal newer sides of old favorites, aspects of which does not dawn to the tourist but purely native experiences that are true to the soil. From eco-trips to off-season surprises – here are the trends you need to know about now.

1. Unconventional Destinations

Places which are culturally distinct,unheard of destinations that are on the path less travelled are going to be much in vogue as people want to avoid touristy places that are overcrowded. A remote and unconventional hidden gem is much sought after, one that has not yet been explored by mankind. Also, more than destinations people are looking out for meaningful experiences that they want to be a part of and which is unique to the place- like seeing Northern Lights in Lapland or going around the vineyards of Portugal in the traditional ciclo. Experiential travel is the new way of travelling and it is here to stay.

2. The Off Season Travels

The smart travellers in 2020 know that certain places would be better to experience in the off season. New Zealand, The Caribbean, The Greek Islands, Bahamas and Costa Rica to name a few are top destinations of 2020 for off season travel.

3. Solo Travel

Solo Travel will continue to be a significant part of the travel forecast for the coming year as well. There are organizations throughout which are making tailormade group curations for solo travellers as well as only women solo travellers.

4. Country Coupling

Travellers are being encouraged to couple multiple countries and as a result diverse experiences, on shorter journeys combining city stays with jungle safaris or an ice driving expedition with a tropical surfing experience.

5. Culinary Travel

Food is now becoming the centerpiece of many travel itineraries and has gone beyond being just a trend. Travellers all around the world are going abroad just to attend culinary workshops or masterclasses and are requesting table reservations at the time they are booking flights and hotels itself. The farm to table concept has taken the world by storm and so has the popularity of Michelin star cuisine.The concept of visiting places to see its orchards or vineyards and pick the fruit with the natives before seeing it being cooked is going to be taken to the next level this year.

6. Eco- Travel

Going green is to be all the more important for this year than it was in the previous one, with climate change and global warming affecting the world in a major way. The Amazon fires this year were a big highlight and so was Greta Thunberg’s impactful speech at the 2019 UN Climate Summit. Floods and droughts wreaking havoc the world over, unpredictable cyclones and sudden rains have been the story of the year. So, travelling responsibly and building resorts, lodges and nations who recycle, preserve and conserve energy and look after the sustainable livelihood of their people have become very important.


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